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Become consolidated as one of the main companies in the sector, dedicating all efforts toward passive fire prevention and safety in general.

Provide our clients with personalized attention and services that make us stand out as a business. 

Reach a large number of companies and individuals concerned with the safety of their employees, their clients, and their facilities. 

Innovation: change, evolve, adapt to new technologies.
Passion: for our work
Resolution: be highly effective with our customers
Proximity: be close to our customers
Honesty and ecology: priorities of our company


To be a leading company in the manufacture, marketing, and distribution of our products.
To focus on environmentally friendly products.


The main objective of Tegar Safety S.L is commercilazaiton and  of high-quality fire extinguishing equipment.
To our mind, quality consists in knowing what our customers need and exceeding their expectations in the shortest time possible, while always complying with the pertinent legal and regulatory requirements.   
With implementation of an Integrated Management System according to UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2015, Tegar Safety S.L. aims to enhance the participation of customers, suppliers—in short, of all interested parties. This particularly applies to the company’s employees: raising awareness of the importance of their activity and how they contribute to achieving the quality goals, and managing the risks and opportunities existing in our organization
Tegar Safety S.L. complies with all the applicable norms, the Spanish RD 513/2017, and the UNE norms related with the scope of activity.
Consistent with the responsibility assumed, Tegar Safety S.L. provides the pertinent requisites and resources to comply with this policy.
In accordance with this policy, we set quality objectives at all levels of our organization and closely monitor the degree of compliance to enable evaluation of the improvements attained. 
The Directorate of Tegar Safety S.L. periodically reviews the Integrated Management System, to ensure its ongoing relevance, adequacy, and effectiveness. 
This review evaluates the opportunities for continuous improvement of the system and process control; the need to make changes in the quality system, the quality policy or the objectives; and the need to provide new services if the market so requires, while always complying with legal and voluntary requisites. 
Signed by:

Management, Tegar Safety S.L.


If you prefer, call us your 628 446 594 / 609 323 393
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